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Planted, hand-picked and dried, oil composed and made for you with all the love & light.

Pre-Order and get to know everything but really everything in one oil. This only applies to sustainability & the power of nature! A product to support and heal so much! WE LOVE IT. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF NATURE.

For normal, dry, impure, combination skin. So all skin types! Very suitable for actively combating rosecea (in combination with the Liluna Balancing Elixir: High Vibe Roses! It is a wonderful means to support and heal your body and skin from the inside and outside). Always test the oil patch before use on your face, hair or nails. Rub a little oil on your wrist and wait 24 and see how your skin reacts to it!

The oil and the Liluna Crystal Rollers Collection is also a very suitable duo! For a pure, healthy & glowy skin from within!

How to use QuantumOil:
Separately or together with other products.
Both ways are correct, and both improve the quality of the skin and hair. Massaging the oil into the skin, during facial or body massage. Adding some QuantumOil to the face cream, shampoo or conditioner also produces amazing effects.

Benefits for the skin
QuantumOil contains, among other things, anti-bacterial properties. Using it in the evening to remove makeup cleanses the facial skin completely.
Second, this magical substance works wonders for the quality of the skin as a whole. People who use the QuantumOil to treat their skin will find that it gradually becomes smoother and more radiant, which is a must, especially for ladies. The reason is that this oil promotes blood circulation.
Third, but equally important, QuantumOil is a natural moisturizing oil. This is a quality that is essential for achieving perfect, radiant facial skin. Why use commercial moisturizers, when people can stock up on this powerful oil and have aromatic hydration at their fingertips. It is enough to use several drops and rub them gently into the skin.

Fighting wrinkles is also easy with rose oil. The composition, which contains vitamins A, E, C, D, B complex and an enormous amount of antioxidants, enables it to stimulate the production of collagen. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is fresher and younger.

QuantumOil allows people to take a facial steam bath. A few drops are enough for a steaming bowl of water. The benefits of the steam bath are enhanced by adding dried leaves of rose, chamomile, lavender, or another fragrant flower.

Here's a recipe for an easy to prepare yet very efficient body scrub. As with most blends, the amount of QuantumOil should be a few drops. That amount should be added to some sugar and coconut oil to prepare the scrub.

Treating facial skin problems with essential QuantumOil:
One of the problems that gradually appears on the face is crow's feet. These striking wrinkles can become less and less noticeable by massaging them with QuantumOil.

Another problem that makes the whole face look tired is dark circles under the eyes. These problem areas can also be improved by applying QuantumOil.

QuantumOil for treating blemishes, blemishes and wounds
People's health and appearance depend on treating defects such as blemishes and marks to make them less noticeable or even disappear. If that's your wish, then you've come to the right place. That's easy for QuantumOil enthusiasts, and this product has its fidelity by treating small or large impurities.

Let's start with imperfections. Rubbing a little bit on a stain will treat it, people just need persistence when applying. Keep applying your Quantum Oil every day for optimal results!

Blemishes on the skin, especially stretch marks, can also be treated with this QuantumOil because it works on so many levels. There are so many vitamins and minerals to support and heal your skin. To make them fade, you just need to treat them with rose oil. The same goes for smallpox spores.

In addition, this oil is beneficial in the treatment of wounds, so cuts and sores can also improve quickly by dabbing it with a few drops of oil several times a day until the area heals.
Acne is another culprit of skin imbalance or hormones. No special products are required. A mix of different pairs of Liluna QuantumOil and the Liluna Amethyst Crystal Roller and it is an effective duo for the treatment of acne. The skin pores are stimulated so that they open enough to absorb the beneficial components of the oil while rolling and massaging the face. QuantumOil should be applied regularly, two or three times a day until the acne blemishes are gone. You can roll once or twice a day (starting with 5 minutes and then going with the flow! Enjoy!)

The beneficial effect of QuantumOil on the hair
Hair becomes shiny and healthier with the help of QuantumOil. It is a great nutrient for improving hair health from roots to ends as it acts as a moisturizing product. Applying the oil is easy and only a few drops are required. Since the QuantumOil has the perfect balance between RoseHip Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Jojoba oil, this is the perfect oil for nourished, healthy hair!

Hair masks can be made by mixing other hair nourishing products with a few drops of QuantumOil.

Yet another, perhaps the easiest way to condition hair with QuantumOil, is to add a few drops to the used shampoo bottle. So little by little, this powerful oil does the hair good.

Good news for people with hair loss. QuantumOil will come to their rescue. Massaging into the scalp is enough to make the hair follicles stronger and hold more firmly to the roots. The antiseptic properties of the oil get rid of bacteria and dirt, so the cleansed follicles are powerful and hair loss is stunted.

QuantumOil can be used in countless ways
The beneficial effects of QuantumOil are available to everyone. The face, body skin and hair can shine and enchant with softness, softness and freshness. Rose oil is a product that everyone should know and use daily for an attractive and healthy appearance. Just a few weeks of use is enough to achieve the desired effects.