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Quantum Anti-Depressiva In A Bottle by Maya Lee & Liluna


Formulated with You in my heart, only love and light blended & formulated in the lab. With the help of the beautiful Community who handplants, picks and dries the most organic and high quality roses.


A blend with the star as Neroli; that’s all you need to know. The lightness of The Polar Light and the Warm Light Of The Moon Reflecting The Sun’s beams, your mind, body, soul, heart & entire Being will be refreshed after experience God’s love.

🦋bottle is 120 ml as big as ur heart desires☯️

How is it that Nature provides All Medicine & All Answers. As a human being who experienced anxiety, chaos, sadness & loneliness on a daily basis, I can speak from my heart when I tell you this Quantum Oil will in fact, give you inner peace.


Open your heart and trust in me. Let me guide you. I swear I have all my papers beside my general knowledge. This is ancient knowledge of 60,000 years of our Love Warrior Ancestors ❤️⚛️


Join The Club of Selfhealing Through Selfcare. YOU plant a tree and feed one person for your order & make your order CO2 free because we plant another tree for you (for packaging etc).


Combine with our Iconic and Excellent High Vibe Rose Elixir for healing from the inside out and upside down. If you’re crazy you’ll add the Rose Quartz roller to vibrate, feel, understand and see that you are Pure love and Light.


Pre-Order now open.


Psa; we will start production by 127 orders. To keep oil and roses fresh we need to make big batches, but not too big. 127 is the sweet spot for our Liluna Family to be able to serve you.


Much love,


Maya & Zeno Lee


Your psychotherapist, holistic and quantum healer, your scientist and SoulCoach. We got you. Welcome Home.