Liluna Eyewear 'Ventum'

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Why Liluna?
⦁ Unique colors to suit every mood and occasion!
⦁ High quality requirements and control! Only the best for your eyes!
⦁ Extra comfortable thanks to ultra thin design with high water content!
⦁ Special 5-layer system for a beautiful vibrancy of color and pattern!
⦁ Annual lenses thanks to sustainable design, now also sustainable for your wallet!
⦁ CE & ISO certified!


Your health is our top priority!
With your health in our hearts and thoughts, we have designed Liluna color lenses. This means high quality standards and controls to provide the best of the best, time and time again. Our patented special 5-layer system protects your eyes from the pigment of the lenses. In addition, Liluna color lenses are CE and ISO certified, which means that our color lenses comply 100% with all European and International safety and quality requirements.

Breathable with high water content for maximum comfort!
Our Liluna color lenses have a high permeability to oxygen, which ensures that sufficient moisture is retained against the lens surface. As a result, you hardly feel the ultra-thin Liluna color lenses.

Your eyes are your unique jewels!
Decorate your beautiful eyes with our unique colors, without losing your natural beauty and look. Liluna color lenses have a beautiful vibrancy of color and pattern thanks to our special 5-layer system.

Not only good for your eyes, your look and your appearance, but also for your wallet!
All Liluna color lenses are annual lenses. This means that you can wear it every day for a year. This saves you time and money because you don't have to buy the same lenses every month.


DISCLAIMER: colors in the photo may vary due to lighting, screen and phone use.


Important info: take care of your lenses
Read: keep the lenses in eyeglass solution for 6 to 24 hours before use.


Tips to enjoy using your lenses for as long as possible:
- Wash your hands before each use of the colored lenses. Do not dry your hands with a towel.
- Wash your lens case daily with lukewarm water (do not use soap). Replace your lens case every three months.
- Change the lens solution every time you use the lenses. Also rinse the lenses with the solution. Use an all-in-1 lens solution for this.
- If you don't use your lenses for a while, it is also necessary to change the lens solution every so often. This way you keep your lenses extra clean. Your lenses can also dry out if you don't change the lens solution in time.


Unfortunately, lenses cannot be returned due to hygiene.

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