Liluna Amethyst CrystalRoller - Anti-age + anti-acne

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The Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystal stones available, suitable for all skin types if you want to see quick results. The stone is also great for stubborn adult acne.

Read here in detail how our unique Liluna Crystal Rollers heal Soul & Skin.



Amethyst crystals are often used to ward off negative energies and stress and promote clarity and relaxation.

- Amethyst emits infrared rays that slightly raise the skin's temperature to increase circulation. This calms inflammation and redness and nourishes skin cells with oxygen and nutrients to keep them healthy and stimulate regeneration.

- Thanks to its negative charge, amethyst draws out positively charged toxins and free radicals to cleanse and detoxify the skin.

- These detoxifying powers mean that amethyst helps prevent bacteria growth and tightens pores, so it's recommended for blemished skin.

- Best for relieving stress, stubborn acne, wrinkles, tight skin.


Benefits of facial rolling for your Skin:

♥ Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the skin
♥ Brightens the complexion
♥ Narrows pores
♥ Reduces wrinkles
♥ Plumps the skin
♥ Promotes penetration of the product


Benefits of Amethyst for your Soul

Amethyst is a protective stone. It is associated with the crown chakra and therefore useful in purifying the mind and clearing negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, making it a suitable meditation stone. Amethyst is also associated with abundance; relieving stress while promoting prosperity and facilitating intuition and communication. Amethyst crystals help bring inner spiritual harmony on many different levels. In addition, amethyst has benefits for reducing redness and inflammation in the skin, which is great for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Use the Liluna Roller further for around the eyes, temples, cheeks, hands and feet. But also around your arms, back, shoulder and leg. Heal your skin, remove impurities and let your skin glow by using the Roller daily for only 5 - 15 min.


Selfhealing through Selfcare with Liluna

- Give yourself a natural facelift at home. At your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

- Relax your facial muscles and stimulate your blood circulation with the gentle pressure of the roller.

- Rejuvenate your face by removing fine lines, swelling and even dark spots under your eyes.

- The natural cooling effect feeling helps to soothe and heal the skin and even soothes inflammations.

- The Liluna Natural Roller promotes the natural detoxification process by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

- Furthermore, it ensures that toxins are removed, which leads to a soft tonifying and lifting effect.

- Take a moment for yourself to completely relax and become aware of the effect of the roller when massaging your face with it. Facial massages are known as a natural stress reliever. The daily ritual can have a relaxing effect and serve as a small act of Self-Care.


♥ Made of Amethyst Crystal.
♥ Due to the natural material, each roller is unique and the colors / grains differ from the photo shown.
♥ Our Rollers have been upgraded with the strongest and most beautiful frames available, with extra smooth rolling action.
♥ Made with new silicone + iron inserts so your roller won't break. First in the Netherlands with this new design!


Liluna rollers are handmade with a lot of love, the rollers are fragile so always sail them in the box where they are protected.




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