Liluna Crystal Roller, how do they Heal your Soul & Skin? 

Crystals have been used for over 13,000 years by our ancestors to harness their powerful and healing energy! We believe that natural healing provides lasting results without damaging the skin. Expensive creams, scrubs and other skincare that are full of chemicals that are extremely harmful to the skin and also offer little result: we want to change that! After doing a lot of research, talking to various skin therapists and other professionals, we discovered the beautiful ancient Ritual of Crystal Rolling. The Power Of Ancient Wisdom, Science, Nature and Love are combined to handcraft the Liluna Crystal Rollers for your Skin!


Selfhealing through Selfcare, Crystals are a beautiful way to connect with yourself, your skin & Raise Your Vibration! 


Important: the Liluna Crystal Rollers are made of 100% natural stone without chemical paint and with a hypoallergenic frame. Other rollers can be harmful to your skin, do your research before purchasing one.

Your skin and the effect of products

Our skin consists of several skin layers. The epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous connective tissue. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, which is visible to the eye and what skin care products work on.


Below the epidermis is the dermis, where the following is located:

- Lymph vessels: remove waste products, pathogens and excess fluid.

- Nerves: provide a sense of touch, the feeling of pain and temperatures.

- Blood vessels: play a very important role in the transport of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and oxygen.

- Sebaceous glands: ensure that your skin has a greasy layer that protects the skin from drying out.


In addition, the dermis contains collagen and elastin. This ensures that your skin has firmness and elasticity.


The deepest layer consists of subcutaneous connective tissue. It mainly consists of fat, connective tissue flakes and blood vessels. The subcutaneous connective tissue is a source of energy in times of scarcity.


Impurities that arise when there is an imbalance in the dermis. Accumulation of skin cells, too much sebum production, waste products that are not removed and too little oxygen all ensure that impurities can arise. As mentioned before, skin care products only have an effect on your epidermis. If you really want to tackle impurities from within, then something is needed, such as the Liluna Crystal Roller, to support and protect both the epidermis and the dermis.


Healing Benerfits of the Liluna Crystal Roller:


* Purifies and regenerates the skin from within by transporting minerals and nutrients to the skin.

* Calms inflammation and redness.

* Helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates the production of new, healthy skin cells.

* Helps transport wastes that cause acne, irritation, dull / pale skin.

* Reduces tension in and around the face, softening fine lines.

* Firms the skin by boosting blood circulation and lymphatic system.

* Prevents skin aging by transporting oxygen and antioxidants to the skin.

* Provides an even complexion of the skin.

* Ensures reduction of bags under the eyes, dark circles and pigmentation spots.

* Provides total relaxation during and after rolling, both mentally and physically.

Energizes mind, body and soul. 

* Provides deep penetration of products.

* Make up looks smoother and more natural when using a roller.

* Improves mood.

Improve your blood circulation for Happy & Healthy Skin!

With the Liluna Crystal Rollers you improve your blood circulation every day. Healthy skin is well-blooded skin! What does this mean? We take in various vitamins and minerals through nutrition. This is then transported through our blood, via blood vessels and capillaries. Blood provides the supply of oxygen, which ensures that new, healthy skin cells can be formed. This allows your skin to repair and protect itself faster and better (against influences from inside and outside). In addition, your blood transports vitamins and minerals that are important for your skin: it provides energy, repairs and protects thanks to the antioxidants that are also transported.


Causes and symptoms of poor skin blood flow

Poor circulation in the skin can cause many ailments. This can make your skin dull, pale, dry and flaky. Stubborn acne is also a symptom of poor circulation in the skin. As shown in the picture, impurities look different, but they all start from within. So you need something that penetrates deeply and works on all layers of the skin, like the Liluna Crystal Roller does!


Poor circulation can be caused by dry air, insufficient exercise, an unhealthy diet and even stress. Especially on and around our face, the blood flow is insufficient, because we move the rest of our body sufficiently. With the Liluna Crystal Roller you tackle this immediately: you stimulate your blood circulation, transport oxygen and nutrients to your skin, by just rolling with your favorite roller! Ideal!


In short, what happens when you roll your skin and stimulate circulation?

- Your skin receives oxygen, which is very important to form new, healthy skin cells. This prevents aging and thinning of the skin, so you actively work on the prevention of wrinkles and age spots. In addition, you help your skin to repair itself faster and better (for example from impurities).

- Your skin receives vitamins and minerals, which is very important for recovery, protection and energy. Your skin needs vitamins and minerals, just like every part of your body to function optimally. These vitamins and minerals ensure that your skin is restored, for example with acne (scars) and other impurities. In addition, it protects your skin against aging by transporting antioxidants to your skin.

- Your skin gets energy. This ensures a healthy, radiant and young skin! You don't get a glowy skin by smearing things, but by energizing your skin from within.



Boost the lymph system to clear your Skin from the Inside Out! 

The lymphatic system is a system of very thin vessels under the skin, in the adipose tissue and lymph nodes. The vessels contain a liquid: the lymph fluid. The lymph fluid also carries substances, just like your blood vessels. However, these are not nutrients, but waste products, broken body cells, disease processors and other penetrations that are not welcome in our body. The lymph collects them and makes them harmless, after which they can be disposed of. The lymphatic stone is therefore an important filter to get everything out of your skin for healthy, radiant and pure skin. In addition to waste, the system transports excess moisture away. That is why it is also important to roll not only your face, but also your neck.


Consequences for your skin

When your lymph system is not working optimally, this is reflected in the face. There are too many waste products in your skin, which can cause puffiness, your skin is less firm and your skin can look pale, gray and swollen. With the Liluna Crystal roller you support your lymph system and you also give it a boost by rolling daily (even if it is 5 minutes!)!


In short, what happens when you roll your skin and boost your lymphatic system?

- You remove waste products, broken body cells and disease processors. This allows your skin to recover and shine from within, because waste products block this process! This is a hugely important process to keep your skin glowing at its natural best.

- You heal and prevent bags under the eyes and strengthen your skin! Puffiness and less firm skin are caused by the accumulation of waste products and dead skin cells. With the Liluna Crystal Roller you remove these waste products and dead skin cells and stimulate new, healthy cells.

- You roll away excess, build up moisture. This allows you to enjoy your natural countered face! You can also say goodbye to your puffy eyes after rolling consistently with the Liluna Crystal roller.



Relieve tension in the face and prevent lines

As humans, we consciously and unconsciously keep a lot of tension in our face. Just think of times when you felt stressed, angry, or nervous. You not only feel it in your body, your face also holds this tension. This can cause parts of your face to constantly tighten, such as your jaw, eyebrows and forehead. In addition to a tense face, this process can also cause fine lines and wrinkles. With the Liluna Crystal Roller you give yourself a muscle massage so that your face can completely relax. Your skin will not only be more beautiful, you will actually feel better and fresher!


Helps products penetrate deep into the skin

We recommend using your favorite skin oil while rolling. Due to the weight of the stone, the rolling effect and the duration of the rolling, you ensure that the product is better absorbed by the skin! Just smearing products on your face is often not enough for your skin, because part of the product oxidizes (reacts with oxygen and becomes ineffective).

Selfhealing through Selfcare

Liluna stands for natural healing from within, so also taking care of your mental well-being. The Liluna Crystal Roller is perfect as a mindfulness ritual. Close your eyes and focus on the physical feel of the roller gliding over your face. To make it a real sensory experience, put a lovely smelling facial oil on your face (this is great for your skin too, as the stone will help your products penetrate deeper into the skin) and put on some relaxing music. Because the roller is so small and portable, you can easily put it in your (hand) bag and do this Self-Care anywhere - whether in the office or while traveling. You will receive the luxury storage and travel box with your roller free of charge.

Effect of Crystals on the human body & Soul

Our ancestors used crystals to build their temples and ritual monuments (like the Pyramids & Stonehenge). These precious natural crystals emit a vibration that resonates with the human mind, body and soul. There have been scientific experiments that show that the vibration of crystals, benefits many dimensions in our mind, body and soul. 


These healing rocks and crystals have their particular vibration and frequency, which arise from their molecular composition. From the way they move and interact, these vibrations and energies work in benefiting and uplifting our mood, mind, and health in a considerable manner, often in the way essential oils and aromatherapy work. Acting like a magnet, it can absorb the negative energies and welcome fresh vibes.


Since they are all naturally extracted, they harness the energies of the sun, moon, and oceans (all-natural healing energies) to improve our state. When you place or hold a crystal over the body, it interacts with the body's chakras and promotes physical and mental wellness. Used in a certain way, it can also improve your concentration and creativity. It can also promote physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing. 


Crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans and maximize the healing abilities we already have. Because of this comforting feeling, when you place a crystal on the body, it helps you connect better and feel at ease. Balancing crystals can also help match the misaligned energy levels (TNN, 2019).


So take your time and enjoy your Liluna Crystal Roller on your face, neck, chest and heart. You can you use roller on your body everywhere else as well, to promote the energy of your skin and increase blood circulation! 

Which roller suits your skin best?

Each of us has different needs. All Crystal Rollers stimulate blood circulation and boost your lymph system! However, the crystals all have a unique chemical composition (of molecules, atoms, ions and connections between them). These substances all have a different effect on our skin. For example, the Liluna Amethyst Crystal Roller naturally has infrared radiation! This is perfect for impure and troubled skin as it soothes and purifies the skin.


The Liluna Rose Quartz Crystal Roller is best suited for sensitive, red and dehydrated skin.


The Liluna TigerEye Crystal Roller is best suited for impure (blemishes, dark circles), oily and unbalanced skin.


The Liluna Opal Crystal Roller is best suited for normal skin.


The Liluna Amethyst Crystal roller is best suited for very impure skin (acne, acne scars) and aged skin.


We recommend you use the Liluna Crystal Rollers with a high quality face oil to get the best of both worlds. Quantum Oil is the most powerful face, hair and skin oil on the market. Check it out to read more about this oil and what it can do FOR YOU!