Le Masque Royale | Elevate Your Mask Game

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Liluna presents:

Le Masque Royale, the only mask you’ll ever need. The supreme & unique formulation with its exceptional fusion of natural, powerful elements deliver the following marvelous result:
Your experience of a revived, radiant, pure, ultra-hydrated, happy and healthy skin! 

Allow your skin to shine as its natural best!


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Le Masque Royale unleashes your natural beauty and light within, by purifying your skin from daily stressors, toxins, excess oils and dead skin accumulation.

Crafted by leading experts and chemists, especially for you, because you deserve this unparalleled experience of Selfhealing through Selfcare.

Transform your selfcare into Magical Rituals by bringing your Full Awareness to the Moment of Now.

Le Masque Royale is easy to use, very effective and hard on dirt, while gentle on your skin. Leaving your skin feeling revived and radiant. Le Masque Royale's lightweight packaging allows you to bring it with you everywhere that you wish. Not even airport security will stop you!

How to use?
First cleanse your face with a mild facial cleanser. Once done, just apply Le Masque Royale to the desired area of your face, leave it on for 10~20 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Yes, it’s this simple. Not for internal use or use on eyes, please be careful.



Have you ever looked in the mirror and just felt defenceless at the hands of your skin problems? Or just feel like your skin can use a little natural glow? Are you noticing how the signs of aging slowly creep into your skin? The signs which you have been taught are just a part of life, that you simply cannot prevent? Are you starting to feel helpless now that nothing seemed to prove effective in the way that you so deeply wish?

It’s okay, you are not alone. Lilune is here for you, to guide you through the seemingly difficult path to your experience of a revived, radiant, pure, ultra-hydrated, happy and healthy skin! This you deserve, this you will experience, and I’m not talking about a fleeting experience like a rollercoaster ride. Which can be amazing, but doesn’t last very long.
I’m talking about a daily experience. You are worthy and you are loved. We love you and you love you. Allow us to guide you, and you will not regret it. Together we can get through this. It’s okay to feel helpless, but it’s not okay if you are made to believe you have to buy tons of expensive products, follow 10 step daily routines, or other costly treatments at a specialist.
Did you know your skin is beautiful beyond comparison

It is true that aging brings with it the signs of aging, but equally true is that you don’t need to suffer them the way you have been made to believe. You can help your skin to heal and to shine at its natural best. Yes, I’m saying you don’t need to experience these wrinkles in the way you do. Yes, I’m saying you don’t need to experience this acne. Yes, I’m saying that your skin's potential to feel radiant, happy and healthy is not far fetched. I’m saying that Liluna is here for you, Le Masque Royale is our gift to you. With all of our heart, with our Loving Intentions we have brought back Ancient Wisdom, with powerful Natural Ingredients, backed by Modern Science, so that you can, and will, experience your revived, radiant, pure, ultra-hydrated, happy and healthy skin!



At Liluna, we are sooooooooooo crazy in love with Le Masque Royale and all its powerful health benefits for your skin. There are so many health benefits I could write a whole book about it: Le Masque Royale: Quantum Cleanse & Heal Your Skin and Shine At Your Natural Best.
But fear not, in order to prevent overload of information we have carefully selected the most important and most proven benefits of Le Masque Royale.


Le Masque Royale’s (from here on: LMR) ingredients are formulated in such a way they work synergistically with each other. Using them separately may not lead to the same effective results.
Thus LMR achieves amazing results in:

  • Ultra Hydrating your skin
  • Fighting acne 
  • Deeply cleansing your skin
  • Reducing signs of aging
  • Rejuvenating your skin

All that, while actually improving your skin health at the same time. LMR's antioxidants effectively reactivate the reproduction process of your skin cells, giving dull skin a healthier glow. By promoting collagen production along with LMR's Ultra Hydration your skin becomes firmer, yet soft, smooth & supple and prevents wrinkles as well! 


We have formulated LMR in such a way that it’s suitable for all skin types, however, we do recommend to always patch test, before use on your face. Apply a little on your wrist and wait for 20 minutes to see how your skin reacts to it!


Warning, the following information is scientifically tested and proven. It may cause you to fall in love with Le Masque Royale. Read at your own risk! Liluna does not take responsibility for this love.


As we have described here, almost all causes of your skin problems are rooted a little deeper in your skin. A place where most products on the market are unable to truly reach. A place where LMR is not afraid to venture and which it so effectively does!

By cleansing your skin on deeper levels and stimulating the natural healing properties of your own gorgeous skin, LMR allows your skin to shine at its natural best! 


LMR’s Ultra-Hydration: Leaving your skin feeling soft, plump and light.
LMR’s unique formulation contains Rich Glacier Water which it allows to effectively penetrate your skin to hydrate you on deeper levels. This is done with the help of Hyaluronic Acid which locks the Natural Moisture Nourishment in your skin. Then Niacinamide helps repair the skin barrier which naturally prevents the loss of moisture. Leaving your skin feeling soft, plump & supple and brightened!


Is your skin sensitive, are you suffering redness, irritated or dehydrated skin?

Combine LMR with Liluna Rose Quartz CrystalRoller & QuantumOil to effectively treat redness, irritation and also soothe  & ultra-hydrate your skin. Applying LMR 1~3 times a week along with daily use of your Liluna Rose Quartz CrystalRoller & QuantumOil should already help achieve desired results. All that’s required is some consistency.


Powerful Anti-Acne mask! Your days of suffering acne are coming to an end.
Are you suffering Acne and have you tried almost anything?
At Liluna we are very passionate about natural ways to fight acne and other skin problems. Ways that do not hurt your beautiful body, only to get rid of the symptoms. No, we don’t believe in only fighting symptoms if the cause remains present. Because it will only trick you into thinking it’s effective, while the symptoms then inevitably keep coming back, forcing you to keep buying the (same) seemingly effective products. No, we believe in Quantum Healing; meaning, healing your skin on many deeper levels to actually cure the cause, preventing the symptoms from coming back and saving you so much stress, anxiety, time and money in the long run.


LMR is a powerful exfoliator, cleaning your pores thoroughly, preventing buildup of dead skin, bacteria, dirt and excess oil. LMR naturally balances your skin’s oil secretion, which otherwise could result in acne. Here the antibacterial properties of LMR also fight acne and help prevent future acne.


Get your Youthful skin back! And glow as you perhaps almost forgot you can:
LMR does, dare I say it, wonders against the signs of aging.
Think of: 

  • Wrinkles or fine lines,
  • hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone,
  • dry skin, 
  • damaged skin barrier, 
  • malnourishment of the skin, 
  • loss of skin supple- and firmness, 
  • you name it. 

Because LMR penetrates the skin deeply, it allows the necessary nutrients to be absorbed by your skin cells. It also eliminates free radicals, which otherwise would scavenge through your body, damaging your DNA and other important components.
Heck, it even has anti-carcinogenic properties!

Combine LMR with Liluna Amethyst CrystalRoller & Liluna QuantumOil to truly get rid of acne, wrinkles, fine lines, inflammation and blemished skin, which have been disturbing your inner peace for some time. This is perhaps the most powerful combination in fighting acne, as well as the signs of aging that our Mother Earth has to offer. Now unless you own a spaceship and by ‘accident’ are familiar with another planet that offers you a better solution, this combination is the way to go!
Applying LMR 2~3 times a week along with daily use of your Liluna Amethyst CrystalRoller & QuantumOil should already help achieve desired results. Again, all that’s required is some consistency.

Do you experience pimples, other skin impurities and imbalances or oily skin?
If that is so, LMR is just the right way to go. A lot of cosmetics based on clay contain Bentonite Clay. Bentonite is actually proven to be suitable for (very) oily skin due to its reputation of stripping oil from your skin. But, there are 2 problems here.
First of all Bentonite Clay indiscriminately strips away even your skin’s natural oil, which dries out your skin and can thus lead to your skin secreting even more oil.
Secondly it dehydrates your skin. The latter is because Bentonite Clay has a higher water-absorbing ability than Kaolin Clay, which is the volcanic mud LMR contains.
If you’re suffering oily skin, you obviously want to get rid of the excess oil. But by using the common Bentonite Clay your skin is left dry and dehydrated in the process. Meaning, you now have another, new problem to fight.
Instead of going in circles of using products to fight symptoms and then using more products to fight the (side-)effects of the first ones, how about we get rid of all the products that only (temporarily) fight symptoms.
Let us actually bring our skin to its natural state, without the excess oil.
I know, I know, this sounds a little too good to be true. But hear me out. Kaolin Clay doesn’t strip away the natural oil of your skin, it only removes the excess sebum oil. To keep it simple, sebum is the oil which is naturally produced in the sebaceous glands of your skin. They play an essential role in your skin health. 

  • It helps regulate body temperature, 
  • Prevent the entry of bacteria, fungi and other microbes into the deeper layers of your skin
  • Keep your skin hydrated and prevent water loss
  • Help against foreign alkaline substances which otherwise would damage your skin

Just to name a few. Now that you have an idea of what sebum does, you can understand how important it is to keep bringing everything in its natural state.
This is what we at Liluna believe in and always intend to work on and for. This goes for sebum, moisture, nutrients, actually everything that has been mentioned here above.

It is very important to work with your body, not against it.


Combine LMR with Liluna Tiger’s Eye CrystalRoller & QuantumOil to effectively treat skin impurities, oily skin, skin inflammation, puffiness on your face, especially under your eyes and to detoxify your skin (getting rid of those pimples).
Applying LMR 2~3 times a week along with daily use of your Liluna Tiger’s Eye CrystalRoller & QuantumOil should already help achieve desired results. Again, all that’s required is some consistency. If it’s primarily your T-Zone which you want to treat, then we advise to mainly apply LMR on your T-Zone.


Thank you for planting a tree and feeding one person together with us!!! We are truly grateful to you from the bottom of our heart 💚💚💚


Don’t hesitate to contact us here if you have any questions :)

~ Maya & Zeno Lee